Frequently Asked

What You Need to Know About the True STUDIO.

We Know You Have Questions


The True STUDIO is $55,000 U.S. dollars. The price is subject to change if you request customizations or features that require additional build time. Please submit an inquiry if you have questions or what to learn more about the Modern Dwelling True STUDIO.


You can use your True STUDIO Modern Dwelling as a vacation rental, as a studio space, an extra living space, or your full-time home.

The True STUDIO was designed and developed to be a fully operational micro-living dwelling. People who have chosen a True STUDIO have used it as a fulltime residence while others a work studio/office. We currently have clients who only use the True STUDIO as an income property hosting it through Air BnB’s platform year round.

The True STUDIO Modern Dwelling can reside on any land you own or have full legal access to use. This can be your backyard, a lot, your driveway, your front or side yard.

Modern Dwelling True STUDIO are designed and constructed by first utilizing a cargo-worthy shipping container as the shell for the base structure. We then implement a tried and trusted design to construct the cargo container into a stylish mico-living dwelling that utilizes high-end quality materials for creating a micro-living dwelling that provides both comfort and style.

The True STUDIO is insulated with closed-cell spray foam for a high R rating and to eliminate sweating or condensation. We use foam for the True STUDIO to ensure we are meeting but exceeding both domestic and international building code standards allowing the dwellings to be highly efficient and to provide optimal temperature control. The True STUDIO includes a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system that is energy efficient.

Modern Dwellings True STUDIO can be moved and shipped with the proper trucking equipment. Due to weight constraints, it’s recommended that a trained professional or a company specializing in shipping be used to move your Modern Dwelling.

Our process is simple, just three easy steps. Placing an order, building your True STUDIO, and delivering it to your site.

Step One – Ordering Your True STUDIO

If you choose to order a Modern Dwelling True STUDIO in this first step you will with our design team to answer any questions and discuss any potential upgrades you want to be added to your Modern Dwelling True STUDIO.

Step Two  – Building Your True STUDIO

Once the order is complete and the initial deposit has been provided to Modern Dwellings the build of your True STUDIO will begin and completed at the estimated time provided to you at the point of sale.

Step Three – Delivering Your True STUDIO

Once your True STUDIO is complete we will do one final review of your site and discuss final site preparation with you. When the site is ready Modern Dwellings will deliver your True STUDIO to the site.

All Modern Dwelling True STUDIO’s come with upgrade options. Please contact us to discuss potential upgrades for customizing your True STUDIO.

Please check with your City or County to determine if a permit is required for your for your property. Modern Dwelling’s True STUDIO are permitted in the same way as modular or pre-fab structures.

Modern Dwelling’s offers off the grid solutions for the True STUDIO.