Get Away For a Weekend: Try Out a Tiny Home in Style


Written By: Spencer

March 15, 2019

You see them on your walks about the neighborhood, peeking over fences and tucked nicely into driveways. You hear about them on the news, on your timelines, and from adventurous friends that have taken the lead. In fact, you are probably a little curious yourself and wondered what it would be like to try out a tiny home.

As you probably know, tiny home and minimalist living are quite the rage right now, with new dwellings popping up across the country. There are entire communities of tiny homes in cities like Portland. There are also lively tiny home communities online that share tips and experiences on forums, blogs, and social media. It is a way of life and perfect for some, but it might be a stark departure from what you might be used to. That’s why we feel it’s important to try out a tiny home before living in one of your own.

Modern Dwellings doesn’t make your typical tiny home. Our units are constructed from premium materials to provide a premium experience. Still, we get asked all the time by customers if they can try out a True STUDIO before buying. To that, we say “of course!”

Pay a Visit to the Siuslaw National Forest

the Siuslaw National Forest is nestled cozily between the Oregon Coast Range and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It is a natural wonderland full of greenery and streams, and a beautiful place to get away. Not only is it home to incredible nature hikes it’s also where Modern Dwellings calls home. We love it here, and we think you will too.

If you’re interested in trying out a tiny home we’d like to invite you to try out our True Studio model. Set on the edge of our property in the heart of the Siuslaw National Forest, the True Studio is an elegant weekend retreat in the middle of nature. Designed in the tiny home style, Modern Dwellings True STUDIOs are a cozy setup with all the comforts of home.

While you’re here, enjoy a walk along the Alsea River or take a hike through Oregon’s beautiful Coastal Range. Head west just 30 minutes for one-of-a-kind views of the Pacific Ocean, or drive back east for a fun visit to Corvallis. There’s even an out-of-this-world pie stand just down the road, the Benton County Pie Company.

Another option is to do nothing at all and just enjoy the comforts of a Modern Dwelling’s True STUDIO. Try out tiny home living in style, and discover if micro living is right for you. Feel free to contact us for more information, or find us on Airbnb. We’d love for you to try out tiny home living for yourself, we know you’ve been curious!