Prefab Homes Save, Time Money, and Stress

Danny Decker

Written By: Danny Decker

February 5, 2019

They’re sleek, simple, beautifully designed, and efficient, so why are prefab homes still so rare?


Prefab homes have fluctuated from the hottest trend in home construction to a somewhat forgotten flash in the pan. Much like the housing market ebbs and flows, so too do construction and design preferences. What doesn’t change however is the time, money, and stress you can save with prefab home construction.


Prefab Homes are Construction’s Best Kept Secret


Everyone knows time is money, but it’s especially true in home construction. Sure, design and materials are significant costs, but the highest price tag hangs from the cost of labor. That’s one reason why Sheri Koones, author of “Prefabulous Small Houses”, sees prefab homes as such a fantastic option.


“Prefab construction is the best-kept secret in America,” says Koones in a recent Washington Post interview. “Every house should be built this way, but most builders want to build the way they always have. They can charge more money when they use traditional methods, too.”


Prefab homes are typically constructed piece by piece in a factory before being reassembled on site. This minimizes construction and lowers construction costs considerably. Most new home construction takes months to complete, in part due to weather and customization complications. Prefab homes, on the other hand, can be done in two weeks or less. Modern Dwelling units, for example, require almost no onsite construction and can be installed in a single afternoon.


Saving time means saving money, but with a prefab home, it also means saving a considerable amount of stress. A common misconception is that prefab homes can’t be customized. But in reality, customization is made much easier.


Thanks to a standardized base design, customized elements can be simply added or subtracted to prefab homes. Modular construction works to create a unique design with pieces that fit together like Lego blocks for countless possibilities. In fact, the money you save on construction can be redistributed to add those one-of-a-kind elements that make a house feel like a custom home.


Prefab Backyard Studios Made Easy


If building a prefab home is easy, then adding a prefab studio to your property is even easier. There are all sorts of reasons why adding a prefab studio to your property is a good idea too. Prefab studios can be a cozy mother-in-law-suites, personal workspaces, lucrative Airbnb rentals, or additional living spaces that add value to an existing home. Whatever your reason, Modern Dwellings is a perfect solution.


Constructed off-site and delivered to your property, the Modern Dwelling TRUE Studio is prefab design taken to the next level. Constructed from the shell of a shipping container, the TRUE studio features elegant design elements that many fullscale homes can’t compete with. From the reclaimed wood to the Brazilian stone shower, everything in the TRUE studio is designed to be luxurious and sustainable.


We know from experience how stressful construction projects can be. But with a Modern Dwellings prefab additional dwelling unit, construction is no longer a problem. With off the grid capabilities you won’t even need to worry about new infrastructure, just show us where to place your prefab structure and move on in. Get a beautiful new space without the time, cost, and stress of new construction.