The Simple Joys of Minimalist Living

Danny Decker

Written By: Danny Decker

January 10, 2019

With the new year upon us, and it’s time to make some changes in your life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, read more, or anything else, the common thread is improving one’s life.

In our experience, nothing can more powerfully improve your life than simplifying your day to day needs and obligations. It’s called minimalist living, and it’s perfect for tiny homes.

Everybody has a space in their house where they put “things”. Whether it’s a junk drawer, a closet, the basement, or some other neglected corner of your home, it’s a place for clutter. It’s a messy disorganized, and frankly, scary place to look at.

More and more these days people are opting to shed these clutter spaces. Whether for reasons financial or personal, minimalist living has become a solution to disorganized and stress-filled lifestyles. Letting go of your “stuff” can be difficult, but it is also a healing and rejuvenating process.

It’s an experience every tiny homeowner knows, and often times a lifestyle they’ve sought out on purpose. Most tiny homes have less than 300 square feet, so every inch of space is accounted for and utilized. Such space limitations make minimalist living a must.

We’ll admit, going from junk drawers to minimalism is a daunting task. Getting there requires prioritizing clarity over consumption, and freedom over ownership, but once done you’ll understand why so many others have already committed to minimalist living

A Cluttered Room Means a Cluttered Mind

We’ve all experienced the stress clutter brings on. From a messy desk at work to clothes tossed across the bedroom floor, you can almost feel the mess covering and suffocating your mind. Tasks become harder, your focus wanders, and suddenly the rest of your life is disorganized as well.

When you live in tiny homes like a Modern Dwelling, clutter is not an option. It’s also made conveniently easy to avoid. Modern Dwellings are perfect for minimalist living as they have the perfect amount of space for only the things you need. With less space to accumulate clutter, it’s easier to stay organized.

Fewer Bills, Fewer Worries

Speaking of messy desks and crowded countertops, you know what often takes up too much space? Bills. Nobody likes them but everybody has to pay them. But, what if we told you that minimalist living in a tiny home like the TRUE Studio could reduce your bills and your clutter?

The TRUE Studio’s off the grid capabilities make it the perfect home for reducing not only your economic footprint but your environmental footprint as well. A compact propane heating unit keeps your space cozy without the mess of a fireplace or furnace. Available solar add-ons provide plenty of clean, free energy even in the winter months. Last of all an incinerating toilet means no sewer or water bills to worry about.

Reducing your environmental and economic impact is great, but the real victory is the freedom you’ll feel. Fewer bills mean your money can be spent on the activities you care about most and less stress over money as a whole. Minimalist living is all about decluttering, and that applies to your personal finances as well.

Easy Cleaning by Cleaning Less

Fewer things in your home, fewer things to clean. It’s an obvious concept but also one that is so incredible once you put it into practice.

Take your kitchen for example. How many plates, forks, cups, and bowls do you really need? If you live alone probably one set for yourself and another for when a guest visits. Now consider how many times you’ve left a dirty dish in the sink because you know you can grab a clean one from the cupboard. Eventually, those dirty dishes pile up and you’ve got a mess to clean.

Minimalist living in tiny homes follows the same principal. By reducing the amount of space you have for messes to pile up you also reduce the messes themselves. In addition, with limited storage space, you have less room for the items that most commonly create messes like extra dishes and clothes.

Freedom From “Things”

Extra dishes, clothes you never wear, books you’ll never read again, magazines from doctors offices you left behind long ago. All of these are things you don’t need, yet feel like you have to hold onto for some reason. Maybe you’ll want them again down the road. Perhaps they are attached to a certain memory. Maybe you’ll get rid of them when the time is right. Yeah, maybe.

The truth is that all this stuff will continue to pile up until you make a deliberate effort to toss it. Once you do, you’ll realize just how silly it was to weigh yourself down with all those things in the first place. There is real freedom to it. Freedom not only from past possessions but from the need to acquire more.

Modern Dwellings offer the perfect complement to the minimalist lifestyle. Designed with a focus on elegance and independence, each Modern Dwelling provides freedom from the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s your primary residence or a weekend escape, you’ll walk inside and feel immediately at home.