Tiny Homes and Modern Dwellings Take on the Cold

Danny Decker

Written By: Danny Decker

March 1, 2019

What a winter it’s been! Snow has blown in again and again by the inch and by the foot. Sometimes it stays for weeks, other times just for the day. It’s rained in bunches and blustered till the trees were bare. It’s been quite a season for everyone, but especially those living in tiny homes.

How do tiny homes stand up to cold winter weather? That’s a fair question. Given their small size and unconventional construction you might assume that wintering in a tiny home is a difficult proposition. In reality, tiny homes stand up surprisingly well to cold weather. Not only do they provide protection from the elements, but they’re also perfect for getting cozy with a good book.

Just Ask Owners, Winter is a Breeze

Whether you’re dealing with heat during the height of summer or the blistering cold of a frozen January, tiny homes can take on the weather. Everything we’ve heard from tiny home owners suggests that wintering in their small units is no big deal. In fact, many have found they prefer the lifestyle. Just because space is small doesn’t mean it’s without advantages.

Coziness is the number one advantage of any tiny home, and it’s made all that much better during the winter. While every Modern Dwellings TRUE Studio is designed to take on any weather, tiny home owners each have their own additional tricks for making the cold season more comfortable. The tiny home community is all about passing around tips and secrets, and cold weather solutions are no exception.

Ryan Mitchell, writer and editor at The Tiny Life blog, suggests finding heating solutions that are both safe and sustainable. He uses solar panels to power a mini split heating unit that he keeps on a timer. For him, the timer is key, “I can drop the temperature when I’m asleep nestled under my covers, but then ramp back up right before I wake up and have to get out of bed.”

Jenna from Tiny House, Giant Journey also has some great suggestions ranging from innovative to practical. There are tons of additions for tiny homes like a Modern Dwelling that can help make winters cozier. Accessories like propane heat blankets and heated hoses can be crucial to making it through the season, but her favorite suggestion is much more common sense.

“Hot drinks, candles, wool socks, blankets, and fluffy dog cuddles contribute to my comfort. Winter (to me) means I have an excuse to stay in with a cup of tea and watch a movie on my projector. What could be better than that?”

We definitely agree with Jenna. Wrap your self up in some Pendleton Wool and settle into some relaxation.

Perfectly Designed For Cold Weather

Year round living was an important consideration in our designing of the Modern Dwellings TRUE Studio. We recognize how important both utility and comfort are in a tiny home, and aimed to design the perfect structure for both. Packed full of elegant design features, a Modern Dwellings TRUE Studio will keep your cozy and warm all winter long.

Every Modern Dwelling comes with a mini-split heating unit that efficiently warms the inside of your home. With such a small space, it’s easy to quickly get it up to your desired temperature. Standard construction packages include R21 insulation and custom wood windows and doors. The standard hardwood floors can be upgraded for radiant heating keeping your feet warm all winter. Every appliance can be upgraded to off-grid capabilities as well, meaning you never have to worry about power outages caused by inclement weather.

All in all, not only is a Modern Dwelling a fantastic tiny home, but it’s also perfect for every kind of weather. From the dog days of summer to those long winter nights, the Modern Dwellings TRUE Studio will keep you cozy and comfortable at the perfect price.