Why The True STUDIO Is Perfect For Airbnb

Danny Decker

Written By: Danny Decker

December 17, 2018

Scrolling through the hundreds of thousands of listings on Airbnb it’s easy to see why the company hosts over 800,000 guests each night. The draw of adventure, the experience of exploration, the call of the open road with all the comforts of home. What’s not to love.

However, as anyone who has used Airbnb as a guest or host will tell you, not every listing is as it appears. Spacious pictures turn into crowded bedrooms. “Amazing neighborhoods” become ghost towns at night. Friendly guests intrude and disrespect the place you call home.

The key to success on Airbnb is your approach. As both a guest and a host you need to do your due diligence. As a guest, that means doing research. but as a host, it requires creating the type of listing that appeals to the right audience.

The space, style, and price point of the True STUDIO do exactly that. Its micro-scale limits the number of guests, while the refined design allows you to target high-end customers. A higher price point draws in a boutique audience and helps offset the cost of your True Studio. Really, what’s not to love.


Designed to Impress

With millions of listings available worldwide, it’s important to stand out. One thing Airbnb guests love is to stay in unique spaces, and the True STUDIO is instantly recognizable as a beautiful piece of design. Constructed from a recycled shipping container, the STUDIO features countless modern touches.

Disguising the container’s original exterior are old-growth, Douglas Fir plies recovered from the boom logs of the Northwest’s days of timber glory. Inside, the classic wood touches continue on the floors, ceilings, and walls. Design-oriented folks are also sure to love the Brazilian stone bathroom floor, rain showerhead and modern light fixtures throughout. And those are just the features that come standard, add on a roof deck and spiral staircase and you’ll really wow your guests.

An elegant design is a huge draw for Airbnb listings, especially if you are able to take quality photos. A well-designed space like the True STUDIO will attract more guests than comparable spaces, allowing you to charge more poor night and keeping your True STUDIO steadily booked.


A Perfect Fit For The Backyard

Here’s the thing, renting out a room or basement apartment is a great way to earn passive income, but it also means you’re allowing strangers into your home. No matter how well you vet them, and how comfortable you are with new people, it’s still a bit of a strange concept.

The True STUDIO offers the perfect compromise to enterprising homeowners that still value their privacy. With a compact footprint, the True STUDIO can fit comfortably in nearly any backyard or sidelot. Additionally, the True STUDIO can be constructed to be off-the-grid and self-sustaining, meaning you can forgo costly sewer and infrastructure construction.


A Room And An Experience

There’s no doubt the True STUDIO is exactly the type of space Airbnb visitors love. It’s unique, intimate, well designed, and able to be conveniently located in the heart of any neighborhood. What’s more, it offers visitors an experience that’s hard to find anywhere else, comfortable micro-living.

Traveling is all about an experience. No one goes on vacation to do the same things they do at home. Being able to offer guests something different automatically gives you an edge over other listings. I mean, wouldn’t you be interested in staying in such an interesting space?


Cover Your Expenses, And Then Some

Let’s face it, when it comes down to it you’re not hosting Airbnb guests for fun, you’re doing it for the money. So, let’s take a look at the financial breakdown of short-term rentals. The following data is circumstantial but should provide an idea of what you can expect if you put in the time and effort to be a good host and business owner.

An ADU that is as comfortable and well designed as a True STUDIO can expect to be rented for up to $100 a night. If you stay on top of booking guests and listing your space, you can reasonably keep it occupied for upwards of 80% of the year. At those rates, you could average up to $2400 a month, and over $28,000 over the course of a year before taxes. Not bad for hosting folks in your backyard.

At an entry point of $55,000, it’s possible you could pay off your True STUDIO in two years. In addition to your Airbnb income, Additional Dwelling Units typically increase a home’s property value, especially one of such quality. All said the True STUDIO is a classy, and economically savvy, addition to any property.